Hybrid workshop held to develop the implementation roadmap for transit-oriented development

Since March 2020, the Transit-Oriented Development Plan (TODP) team has been working to create a development plan that will guide Bangkok’s urban development towards inclusivity and sustainability. The team has undertaken multiple activities to achieve this goal, including collecting transport and planning data, assessing and mapping the project implementation area, stakeholder consultation and community engagement. The outcomes of these activities have been incorporated into the Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) vision development. The team is now working to produce an implementation roadmap that will serve as an action plan for Bangkok’s urban development.

On March 28, 2022, the Bangkok TODP team conducted a hybrid workshop with the TODP Technical Working Group. The workshop involved key delivery teams from Mott MacDonald, Broadway Malyan, Thammasat University and Silpakorn University. During this workshop, the key delivery teams presented the progress of the Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) implementation stage and the next steps of the TOD plan.

This workshop aimed to pragmatically implement the TOD plan by involving technical and supervisory staff members, increasing communication clarity and allowing opportunities for interdisciplinary synergies via discussion.

During the workshop, a series of presentations were given, starting from the outcome of Output 5, the TODP final report. The TODP final report sets comprehensive strategies and guidelines for developing the Klong Bang Luang and Bang Wa station areas. The report utilises the groundwork of background analysis, stakeholder consultation, community engagement and TOD vision. The final report also includes the intervention’s vision, goals and strategies, including focus area strategies and local economic development strategies, and it explains the proposed guideline and detailed design in the focus areas.

focus areas
Focus areas of Ratchaphruek Corridor presented at the workshop

The team then presented the conceptual design of selected focus areas and the proposed governance framework to help BMA implement the project. Additionally, the plan for the proposed pilot projects was highlighted, showing the results from the participatory design process with local stakeholders. Adopting a participatory design process is essential to ensure that local stakeholder voices are heard and play a part in designing their living environment.

key features
Key Features of Ratchaphruek Corridor presented at the workshop

Lastly, the proposed business cases were discussed. These business cases were filtered by the Investment Shifting Evaluation Tool (INSET). The delivery partner team received interest from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) and relevant divisions that play a key role in developing the TODP.

This workshop attendees consisted of 18 women and 16 men who joined face-to-face or virtually. Workshop attendees included representatives from the City Planning and Urban Development Department, Department of Land Transport, Department of Public Work, Strategy and Evaluation Department, Tourism and Cultural Division and the District Office. The total number of participants was 34 people. Including multiple governmental stakeholders is key to ensuring that the TOD plan is communicated clearly and receives input from stakeholders.

hybrid workshop
Hybrid workshop held with Transit-Oriented Development Plan (TODP) team to produce an implementation roadmap for equitable TOD (Source: BMA)

The workshop participants gave feedback that they are looking forward to further discussions on the governance framework plan and subsequent workshops discussing relevant legal frameworks and strategies for continuity of project development, including Land Value Capture (LVC) and Business Case Development.

We are pleased to report that the TODP team has successfully delivered comprehensive presentations that show the work of the TOD Plan to the city partners with a clear pathway for the following stages – an Implementation Roadmap with a primary objective to achieve Equitable TOD in the study area. Having clear and consistent engagement sessions with city partners will ensure that the TOD plan is communicated accurately and implemented efficiently.

hybrid workshop
Hybrid workshop held with Transit-Oriented Development Plan (TODP) team to produce an implementation roadmap for equitable TOD (Source: BMA)


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