SDG Project Assessment Tool intrigues WUF audience by its participatory process

UK FCDO Global Future Cities Programme's (GFCP) SDG Assessment Tool was successfully showcased at the World Urban Forum (WUF11) events in Katowice (Poland), June 26-30 2022.


GFCP Experts Sara Vargues (back left), Jean-Paul Hitipeuw (back middle), and Jean You (front right) during workshop

During the SDG Project Assessment Tool Interactive Workshop and follow up profiling sessions at the Urban Playground of UN-Habitat Arena audience was intrigued by the participatory process of the SDG Tool and commended for bringing all stakeholders together to discuss the SDG localization. As expressed by representatives from numerous cities, stretching from India, South Africa to European countries, usually SDG localization remains in silos, some of the government levels do not have/do not apply SDG alignments, and the implementation as well as evaluation applies only quotative approach. Thus, participants were comparing their own tools they use with the SDG Tool and reflecting on how to improve.

sdg tool

GFCP Experts (from left) Pinar Caglin, Sara Vargues, Jean-Paul Hitipeuw, Jean You, Shaakira Chohan during workshop

Workshop attendees were interested to learn more about the way the SDG Tool matrix was created as well as brainstormed how using the tool to bridge the gap between government and grassroots. SDG Tool received positive feedback for linking quantitative data and analysis with qualitative discussions (tailoring process), for engaging all departments and other stakeholders as well as showing the relevance of SDG localization to the cities/municipalities.


GFCP Experts Shaakira Chohan during workshop

The discussions at the WUF Urban Arena will be integrated into the continuous improvements and adaptation of the SDG Tool further.


Data-Driven Process and Management

Spatial Planning

Strategy & Planning


Jean You

Urban Planning and Resilience Expert, Global Future Cities Programme

Sara Vargues

Urban Planning Expert, Global Future Cities Programme