Effects of Urban Planning and Design Regulations on Resilience of Informal Urban Areas, Golestan

Effects of Urban Planning and Design Regulations on Resilience of Informal Urban Areas, Golestan


Resilience and adaptation in informal settlements because they are both among the main urban challenges in the world and Iran. This research have studied the effects of upgrading urban regulations on the resilience of informal areas in Iran which can be applied in other countries as well. Informality and resilience have common features because both are considered as solutions and survival strategies. Resilience framework helps us deal with transforming volatile, multidimensional challenges.

Background and Objective

Situation Before the Initiative Began: This research affects and aids revision and improvement of urban legislation frameworks toward underestimating the context and positive characteristics of informal settlements and their resilience and how urban upgrading regulations can be improved to consider positive points of informal areas as well as l areas. Establishment of Priorities: This study hows the importance of neighborhood scale and how acting for resilience from the neighborhood scale can help achieve resilience and improve adaptation capacities. Formulation of Objectives And Strategies: This study shows the resilience criteria in urban environments and hence can help with clearer implementation mechanisms for enforcement. Mobilisation of Resources: This is an urban design study, which focuses on public spaces and building codes and the potentials and requirements for adequate design of streets and plot layouts. Urban odes affect the layout of plots and the public spaces and hence their formation and characteristics in relation to tenure and urban rights are affected by the upgrading plans which are meant for purposes of formalization, public spaces defines the quality of life and the level of resilience.

Actions and Implementation

Since one of the main challenged of informal settlements are issues of land and tenure and this study shows how status of ownership can be used for improving resilience.


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Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 11 - Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable


19 June 2020