Strategic Capacity Development

Country Level Events formed part of the Strategic Capacity Development Component delivered by the UK Built Environment Advisory Group (UKBEAG) in collaboration with UN-Habitat, in support of the UK FCDO Global Future Cities Programme. The focus of each event was informed by the findings of the online Capacity Needs Assessment and was agreed in discussion with UN-Habitat, UK FCDO, the delivery partners and city stakeholders. Several events focused on the effective use of data, some on integrated and inclusive planning and others on integrated transport. The underlying theme in many of the events turned out to be governance and collaboration, with many of the cities recognising the potential for delivering more effective outcomes simply by working better together.

The Country-level Events were launched on 13 October 2021 in Nigeria and concluded on 3 February 2022 in South Africa.

Country Level Events

The Country-level Events provided an opportunity to bring together stakeholders from the various projects within each city, and/or the various cities within each country, to engage in a more focused discussion on topics of common interest. The aims of the Country-level Events were to:

  • celebrate the work that has been undertaken while building on the momentum that has been achieved and considering the ways in which synergies and shared learning can best be exploited as the projects begin to move from design to implementation
  • promote awareness of and engagement with the work being undertaken among a wide variety of stakeholders, including central government, local government, academia, the built environment professions, the private sector and others
  • engage with a variety of subject matter experts on a range of key issues arising from a Capacity Needs Assessment that had been undertaken by the cities some months previously.

03 February 2022 – South Africa Country Level Event

Date of event - 3 February 2022

The event had two workshop sessions, supported by the Open Data Institute and the Behavioural Insights Team. The sessions explored the range of skills needed within organisations to make effective use of data and how behavioural insights can increase collaboration and data sharing to deliver more effective outcomes

20 January 2022 – Brazil Country Level Event

Date of event - 20 January 2022

The event featured contributions from the Open Data Institute and the UN Innovation Technology Accelerator (UNITAC), with a focus on the development of a people-centred open data environment. The head of Smart London at the Greater London Authority described the work underpinning the London Datastore as an example of operationalising data to deliver more effective outcomes.

13 January 2022 – Thailand Country Level Event

Date of event - 13 January 2022

Following opening remarks from the Governor of Bangkok, the event considered what it takes to deliver successful transit-oriented development, together with the importance of governance and collaboration in the delivery of integrated and inclusive urban planning. The event was supported by subject matter experts from Argent LLP, the developers for the King’s Cross regeneration project, together with members of the Greater London Authority’s Central Planning Team, whose combined experience was particularly relevant in relation to the work being undertaken by the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority

14 & 16 December 2021 – Malaysia Country Level Event

Date of event - 14 December 2021

The Malaysia Country Level Event comprised two separate elements. On 14 December the Director of the National Budget Office at the Malaysian Ministry of Finance outlined the objectives of the recently published ‘12th Malaysian Plan’, together with implications for the national budget and programme priorities. GFCP Iskandar Malaysia and Melaka projects were also presented. This was followed by a second event, two days later, made up of two workshops. The first was hosted by Transport for West Midlands and considered what it takes to deliver a successful integrated transport system. The second was led by the Behavioural Insights Team and explored the use of behavioural science to help deliver more effective outcomes

02 December 2021 – Vietnam Country Level Event

Date of event - 2 December 2021

The event comprised three parts – the first part opening with a series of short presentations from city stakeholders to help promote wider awareness of the projects and their importance. The remainder of the event consisted of two workshops. The first was led by the Open Data Institute and considered what it takes to move more effectively from data to action. The second was led by the Greater London Authority’s Central Planning Team and explored the key steps to delivery of effective integrated and inclusive urban planning. The Chief Planner for Ho Chi Minh City was particularly engaged in the latter part of the event.

25 November 2021 – Philippines Country Level Event

Date of event - 25 November 2021

The Philippines Country-level Event was hosted jointly by the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development, UN-Habitat and the UKBEAG. The event focused on the government’s recently published ‘2040 Sector Plan’ and the need for greater stakeholder alignment to address the country’s housing challenges. Much of the discussion concerned the potential to use the projects in Cebu and New Clark City as pilots to demonstrate how to move from policy to practice.

25 November 2021 – Turkey Country Level Event

Date of event - 25 November 2021

The event was framed around the topic of governance and collaboration and was made up of two workshop sessions facilitated by Smart London and the Behavioural Insights Team, both of whom considered what it takes to move from policy to practice and deliver more effective outcomes

18 November 2021 – Indonesia Country Level Event

Date of event - 18 November 2021

The Indonesia Country-level Event attracted over 150 participants from a wide variety of backgrounds and considered how to strengthen the process of integrated and inclusive planning. Representatives of Bristol One City Plan and the Behavioural Insights Team shared their experience and expertise, focusing on increasing impact at both institutional and community level. The event also considered how to increase financial resilience to climate shocks and natural disaster, drawing on the expertise of the Centre for Disaster Protection and the Howden Group.

13 October 2021 – Nigeria Country Level Event

Date of event - 13 October 2021

The event focused on the opportunity to make the most of the potential offered by the projects to deliver transport-oriented development. Subject matter experts included the developer responsible for the King’s Cross regeneration project in London, together with the Head of Investment at Reall, a UK non-governmental organisation focused on affordable housing finance. Invited guests included representatives from the African Development Bank and the UN-Habitat Cities Investment Facility, both of whom expressed an interest in the work being undertaken.

SIMMS for Optimising the Transport Network in Iskandar Malaysia

Date of event - 21 February 2021

Subject Matter Experts

The events were supported by a range of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who brought their knowledge and expertise to bear. The contributions from the Subject Matter Experts were also informed by the six topics which formed part of the Thematic Programme that had been delivered earlier in the year, namely:

1. Integrated & Inclusive Planning

2. Governance & Collaboration

3. Evidence-based Design & the Effective use of Data

4. Project Finance & Procurement

5. Implementation & Enforcement, Monitoring & Evaluation

6. Leadership & Change Management