"To be healthy, choose your wheels wisely!” Communication Campaign launched by IMM for sustainable transport behavior under COVID conditions

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), Department of Transportation, implementing Istanbul SUMP Project, launched a communication and public awareness campaign on September 28th in collaboration with WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities with support from the Partnership for Healthy Cities to promote a sustainable mobility behavior and to increase use of public transportation and non-motorized modes under COVID-19 conditions against private car use. 

Images, billboards and videos posted across the city remind Covid-19 protective measures strictly taken by the Municipality on public transportation and emphasize walking, cycling and other micro mobility solutions like e-scooters as alternative transport modes for short distances. 

It is very important to note that all campaign materials -prepared both in Turkish and English- have Creative Commons license allowing any municipality and/or NGO -with no commercial motive- to directly use them in disseminating information to their citizens without any further effort. For more information: https://wrirosscities.org/news/campaign-promote-healthy-sustainable-transport-during-covid-19-launched-istanbul 

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