Join PerjalananKu Survey to help plan your future travel options in Iskandar Malaysia and Melaka

The Global Future Cities Programme (GFCP) under the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, delivered by Mott MacDonald Malaysia, is supporting Iskandar Malaysia and Melaka to strengthen sustainable mobility and urban planning via an evidence-based approach.

As part of the initiative to develop transport systems in an evidence-based and data-driven manner, the programme has introduced PerjalananKu. This is an interactive and user-friendly mobile application used to conduct a Household Travel Survey with residents of Iskandar Malaysia and Melaka. In light of the pandemic, this approach is safer and complies with local procedures presenting a smart alternative to traditional face-to-face surveys.

Residents of Iskandar Malaysia and Melaka are invited to participate in the survey to share information on their journeys and help contribute to planning their city’s future transport. Recruitment is now open and is limited to the first 3,000 respondents in each city. Journey tracking began on 21 March 2021 and users will be notified once the tracking period ends. Individuals who join and complete all tasks required for the entire survey duration will stand a chance to win cash vouchers worth up to RM1,000! Additionally, 1,000 individuals from each city also stand a chance to win cash vouchers worth RM20 for completing just a few steps upon registration.

To take part and help towards enhancements in the transport systems in these two cities, residents of Iskandar Malaysia and Melaka will simply download the PerjalananKu app and then recruit fellow household members to download it as well. The mobile application will run in the background over the one week ‘tracking’ period to allow it to record their daily journeys. During this ‘tracking week’, users will only need to carry out their daily travels as usual, and at the end of each day, they will be given an opportunity to share further feedback by answering a few simple questions.

PerjalananKu will be used to collect mobility data in Iskandar Malaysia and Melaka. Iskandar Malaysia expects a population growth to three million by 2025 whereas Melaka, being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, receives approximately 18 million visitors a year (pre COVID-19), all of which result in added congestion, pollution, and an overall less-than-ideal travel experience. The data collected will provide information which will be used to formulate long-term solutions in managing these negative impacts. These data will enable the GFCP to understand transport and travel within the two cities by using new and smart technology that is faster and more accurate than traditional means. This will allow for the data collected to be incorporated into transport models so that our transportation networks are better prepared for the future.

In Iskandar Malaysia, working with City Partner, Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA), the GFCP is developing a Smart Integrated Mobility Management System (SIMMS), an all-in-one smart technology-based system that focuses on the use of Geographic Information System (GIS) as well as other transport network data. When fully implemented, SIMMS will increase the capacity of the local government to monitor and manage transportation and mobility networks in Iskandar Malaysia. Data collected by PerjalananKu as well as from a myriad of other sources such as the Iskandar Malaysia Urban Observatory (IMUO), Ministry of Transport, Department of Statistics Malaysia (DoSM) and other organisations, will form the basis of SIMMS. SIMMS will work as a transportation and mobility tool to enable better-informed, evidence-based urban and transport planning decisions, allowing for the integration of static and real-time data.

In Melaka, with the support of City Partner Unit Perancang Ekonomi Negeri (UPEN) Melaka as well as Lead Agency, Perbadanan Teknologi Hijau Melaka (PTHM), the GFCP is working to enhance green public transport systems, encourage active travel and improve environmental and socio-economic health of the city. The GFCP is developing a Green Transport Masterplan and a Green Bus Network to transform existing bus services to a more efficient and reliable bus network which will include renewable-energy buses. The development of a Heritage Area Integrated Mobility Plan will further promote sustainable travel with a focus on non-motorised vehicles and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

The project in its entirety will also consult with key NGOs and NGIs represented by the elderly, women, persons with disabilities groups, as well as other marginalised groups to ensure that their needs are considered in developing these initiatives in Malaysia.

The PerjalananKu mobile application was launched at a Press Conference in Melaka by the Chairperson of the GFCP Melaka Steering Committee, YB Datuk Seri Utama Ir. Ts. Hj. Idris bin Hj. Haron. Media representatives from Bernama and Melaka Hari Ini were among those in attendance.

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In Iskandar Malaysia, City Partner Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) is supporting the programme via a press release, ongoing social media posts and through sharing the PerjalananKu poster and links to download via their other available resources and channels.

With the data collected through this easy-to-use mobile application, the GFCP in Malaysia aims to make positive advancements towards the betterment of transport and mobility in Iskandar Malaysia and Melaka.

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