“Panel Discussion on 4IR and Mobility”, presented by Future Cities South Africa

“4IR” has been a buzzword for years, but what does it mean for African cities? What opportunities and challenges does the 4IR present to the mobility sector for passengers, transit operators, city governments, freight, supply chains, road users and all citizens? How are cities planning to implement 4IR technologies into their transport systems? What are the socio-economic, technological, environmental and fiscal considerations? Can the 4IR present an opportunity to address these concerns? How can cities positively leverage the 4IR without worsening social exclusion?

Hosted by Future Cities South Africa, the Global Future Cities Programme partner in South Africa, the discussion hold last October 8th explored the topic of 4IR Mobility: Understanding the 4th Industrial Revolution’s impact on mobility as a local, African phenomenon is a key part of enabling governments, businesses, planning authorities and citizens to reap the benefits posed by emerging technologies.

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