Stakeholder engagement workshop includes participative consultation with community leaders in Bang Wa and Klong Bang Luang

On November 19th, 2021, the GFCP (Global Future Cities Programme) team in Bangkok conducted an onsite workshop for the TODP (Transport Oriented Development Plan) intervention at Wat Kampang Bang Chak, Phasi Chareon District, Bangkok. This event was the first in six months since the easing of restrictions. 

This workshop was part of a series of workshops scheduled between October and November 2021 that involved educational institutions, civil societies, tourism sectors, governmental organisations, temples, and local communities. It was organised by the TOD local team from Silpakorn University. This onsite workshop sought input from the community leaders and the SMEs, as well as elderly people and people with disability. Of the 14 workshop attendees, 58% were male, 42% were female, and over half of the attendees were over 60 years of age. 


During the workshop, a survey was distributed to assess whether participants feel confident that their view and community will be heard and represented, particularly concerning access to public transport. The survey results showed that community leaders were confident that their voices had been heard, and they could see their opinions reflected in urban development in their neighbourhood. This is aligned with one of the main objectives of developing an equitable TOD as no one is left behind and the community’s opinions are respected. 

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The workshop was a success in that it encouraged community leaders to get more involved and learn more about the TOD Plan for their neighbourhood. The workshop successfully delivered a participative consultation with the community leaders and allowed them to apply their learning and share knowledge with the community. Workshop participants said that they believe the stakeholder engagement workshop will positively impact their community.


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Tridti Patarakiatsan

Team Leader, Bangkok Transit Oriented Development Plan, Global Future Cities Programme

Sawinee Phuengnet

Monitoring, Reporting, Evaluation, Learning (MREL) Officer, Bangkok Transit Oriented Development Plan, Global Future Cities Programme