Bangkok, Thailand: Successful participatory workshop motivates local community to get involved in Transit-Oriented Development Plan preparation

The project gained comprehensive and insightful data from stakeholders which is useful for developing the TOD Vision of this project.

It was found that 73% of attendants (who participated in the brief survey) expressed they believe that their personal and their community's views will be heard and represented in public consultations and decisions about urban development in their neighbourhood, particularly related to access to public transport.

The survey indicated that attendants had a satisfaction level of 83% (average score of 4.16 out of 5 points) of their participation in the 1st participatory workshop of the TOD Plan Project. The survey results also showed that 81% of attendants felt that this workshop encouraged them to get more involved and learn more about the TOD Plan in their neighbourhood.

Various presenters at the workshop on 24 March 2021