A Call to Action on Sustainable Urbanisation in the Commonwealth

The Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) has joined with the Commonwealth Association of Planners, the Commonwealth Local Government Forum and the Association of Commonwealth Universities, supported by the Rwandan Government and The Prince's Foundation, to launch a Call to Action on Sustainable Urbanisation across the Commonwealth. With nearly 50% of the projected increase in the World’s urban population to 2050 forecast to be in the Commonwealth (that’s 1bn additional urban dwellers by 2050), it’s aim is to mobilise the Commonwealth family in a more effective inter-disciplinary, multi-sector response. Details of the overall programme can be accessed here: https://commonwealthsustainablecities.org/onlineprogramme/.

Our work is influenced by the findings of a ‘Survey of the Built Environment Professions in the Commonwealth’, which has evidenced a critical lack of capacity in many of the Commonweath countries which are urbanising most rapidly and are among the most vulnerable, together with a corresponding lack of education capacity and a weakness in built environment policy. A copy of the survey can be found here: https://commonwealthsustainablecities.org/survey/

The Call to Action has been launched with a series of webinars and a parallel programme of CPD Lectures which can be found here: https://commonwealthsustainablecities.org/cpd/.


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland




Capacity-Building and Market Maturity

Spatial Planning

Urban Governance and Legal Frameworks

Climate Change

Data-Driven Process and Management

Economic Development

Financial Strategies

Social Inclusion


Risk & Resilience