Feedback on the SDG Project Assessment Tool

UN-Habitat SDG Project Assessment Tool that we met in our "Istanbul Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan Project (İstanbul SUMP)" was quite useful and eye-opening for us. It helped us make a holistic evaluation of the contributions of the steps taken during the project process to the SDGs. At the same time, SDGs were fully internalized by the project team, and this also ensured to develop of additional new actions to increase the alignment of the project to the SDGs. In particular, critical gains were made in terms of gender equality and social inclusion, reduction of inequalities, safety, and security in urban mobility.

I would like to recommend using this important instrument which is user-friendly and adds value to works in all projects. Monitoring the activities from the beginning to the end with project-specific SDG indicators and the formation of the SDG profile of the project facilitates the understanding of your priorities and challenges. In this way, it is inevitable to progress very accurately and quickly and to achieve greater success than expected.


Republic of Turkey




Seda Özdemir (PhD)

Environmental Engineer, Istanbul Transportation Planning Department, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality