Gender Perspective in Urban Planning and Design

Lagos Urban Development Initiative held an online discussion on the 17th September 2020, where women who have worked in the area of Gender Inclusivity in Urban Planning spoke about their work and their considerations when designing.

The speakers included Mrs Catherine George, a Director at Spectroplan Konsult Ltd and first female town planner in Nigeria, Rebecca Plumbley, a Researcher at the University of Cape Town, Dr Taibat Lawanson, an Associate Professor of Urban Planning at UNILAG and Sara Ortiz Escalante, an Urban Planner at Collective Point 6, Barcelona.

It was a lively discussion from women and men all over the globe. Here are some highlighted points made during the discussion: 

  • Policies are very important but the implementation is even more important. To get to implementation of gendered urban design advocacy has and continues to be key.
  • More women are needed in decision-making positions.
  • Gender Reconciliation is necessary but all parties need to be willing. Before coming to the point of reconciliation we must realise that there is something wrong.
  • Gender inequality is a worldwide issue, but the way it is materialised is dependent on where you are. Therefore it is important to do context-based assessment to analyse the needs of women, if not, we will be making wrong transformations.
  • A large percentage of women use public transport; therefore, the infrastructure needs to address their needs. The mobility of women is diverse; therefore, all modes of transportation, including bicycle infrastructure, need to be well connected.

The document attached provides an overview of the discussion points and panelist presentations.

Olamide Udo-Udoma, Local Strategic Advisor for Nigeria, UN-Habitat, is the author of the report and an organizer of the event.




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