Surabaya, Indonesia: Successful engagement with key stakeholders to build a better Risk Mitigation Strategy for Surabaya

Discussion content during Focus Group Discussion in Bahasa Melayu

In February 2021, UK Prosperity Fund Global Future Cities Programme (GFCP), Surabaya Earthquake Preparedness Resilience team successfully completed the Surabaya Earthquake Risk Profile report, adopting both Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) approach and National approach as mandated by the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB). This report serves as a foundation for all remaining efforts of GFCP team to help the Surabaya City Government keep several strategies in place, as mandated by the Ministry of Home Affairs Regulation No. 101/2018 on Sub National Disaster Management Minimum Service Standard.

Building on the risk profile, the team is now focusing on assisting Surabaya City Government to develop the Risk Mitigation Strategy. One of the many important aspects in developing this strategy is to identify the risk reduction potentials and a range of existing mitigation, emergency responses and adaptation strategies. This is vital in ensuring the strategy developed takes into consideration the existing and required efforts, in line with the current and potential capacity of Surabaya City Government and the community.

As part of the identifying process, the Surabaya resilience team successfully organised a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on 16 and 17 March 2021 to consult and obtain key information related to the existing and important strategies needed to be considered in developing a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy. The FGD was attended by key stakeholders, Government (Provincial and City level), NGOs, academics, private sector, and local media. A large percentage of the audience were participants from previous FGDs, and workshops organised by the GFCP Surabaya resilience team.

Organisations such as BPBLinmas, Fire Brigades, DP5A, Food and Agriculture Security agency, Army – KODIM 0832, Housing and Settlement agency, Social Welfare agency, Health Agency, Community of Dukuh Kupang and Gebang Putih, East Java Disaster Management Agency, Education Agency, Indonesian Red Cross, Indonesia Disaster Expert Association, ITS, ITB, UNTAG Surabaya, Business Association, Construction contractor Association, Suara Surabaya Radio, SBO TV Jawa Pos and many others are following closely with discussions organized by the GFCP team.

As gathered, the stakeholders are very interested and committed to be a part of the process. Valuable inputs were obtained during the FGD and this successful discussion was covered by one of the most influential national media in Indonesia ‘Jawa Pos’. This has greatly contributed to increasing ownership of the project by local authorities.