Surabaya Urban Transformation: Transforming Dolly area at Putat Jaya into a liveable vibrant and sustainable neighbourhood

In early August 2021, the Surabaya Urban Transformation team as part of the Global Future Cities Programme held Focus Group Discussions with various Surabaya City Government Agencies on the Urban Design Guidelines of Putat Jaya.

The session focused on proposed tourism strategies that can integrate several locations in the Putat Jaya area to transform Dolly into an art and cultural centre, as well as potential proposals to make the area more attractive as a tourist destination, such as providing bicycle facilities for tourists, street improvements for safe and child-friendly areas, establishing tourism route highlighting on many points of interests in Putat Jaya, creating market place for local MSME products and many more.

Bappeko (Surabaya City Planning Agency), DPRKP-CKTR (Human Settlements and Spatial Planning Agency), Dishub (Transportation Agency), DKPP (Food Security & Agriculture Agency), DKRTH (Sanitation & Green Open Space Agency), and Disbudpar (Tourism and Cultural Agency) participated in the discussion. The conversation elicited interest from city agencies and the Surabaya City Government is looking for more tourist packages implementation, with both the Pilot Projects and the Tourism Plan being prioritised. As discussed with Bappeko earlier this June, the team is presently developing a Dolly Tourism Map, which can be used as a soft launch of Dolly as a tourism destination, as well as place branding elements that will help to promote Dolly tourism.

As organised by the team, these consultations and discussions with various agencies, particularly on Government Assets, allow them to be better aligned with community aspirations.


Monique Suksmaningsih, Team Lead of the Surabaya Urban Transformation opening the Focus Group Discussion on Urban Design Guidelines


Amelia Budihardjo presenting the Draft Urban Design Guidelines to representatives from city agencies aligning to the implementation plan at Putat Jaya


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Shaendy Widyaswara

Assistant Project Manager for Global Future Cities for South East Asia