Validation of earthquake risk analysis will save lives and prevent economic loss

The Surabaya Earthquake Risk Profile (SEARP) is designed to support local authorities in improving their capacity on disaster preparedness. As authors of the analysis, the Global Future Cities Surabaya Earthquake Resilience team is therefore delighted to announce validation of the SEARP by additional local authorities, following recent consultation meetings.  The National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) and BAPPENAS (Ministry of National Development Planning) validated the SEARP on 16 September 2021, becoming the third and fourth key national stakeholders to give their approval. They follow the BMKG (Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Bureau) in July 2021 and National Earthquake Study Centre (PuSGeN) in August 2021.

During the consultation meetings, BNPB expressed their interest in the study and highlighted the potential value of the SEARP in providing critical risk analysis for their ongoing capacity building efforts with local government.


Screen capture of online Surabaya earthquake risk profile workshop with National Disaster Management Agency

BAPPENAS also expressed their appreciation and advised the team to integrate the report into Surabaya’s planning and budgeting system. This display of the SEARP, according to BAPPENAS, serves as a timely reminder on the critical importance of disaster risk analysis within strategic planning procedures. The number of potential fatalities and economic loss shown in the SEARP indicates that integrating such profile analysis will assist local governments in saving lives and predicting devastating infrastructure collapse (government and community assets).

The team has shared the full report of the Surabaya Earthquake Risk Profile with BNPB and BAPPENAS and look forward to organising a follow-up meeting with BAPPENAS to explore the national government’s support on the integration of disaster risk assessment within strategic planning at the local level.


Mott MacDonald (MM)


Republic of Indonesia




Risk & Resilience


Fany Wedahuditama

Project Coordinator, Surabaya, Indonesia – Earthquake Resilience and Preparedness Strategy intervention, Global Future Cities Programme