Voices of GFCP interns on the International Volunteer Day


Clara Peter

Urban Planning and Designing Intern with Global Future Cities Programme





“What really drives me at this position is the steep learning opportunities, increasing responsibility with substantial tasks and reserach, independency to complete the assignments, and the constant appreciation for my inputs. I am very fortunate to work with three wonderful and super competent women as my supervisors, who guide me and still leave room for my inputs/ideas and independent working. The communication works so well and clear even virtually, I do not have an isolated feeling at all. I feel also inspired by them and their decade(s) of experiences in the field and HQ!

I work both for GFCP and Humanitarian Development unit. My specialization is urban displacement, thus being a live-spectator of cooperation between UN-Habitat and UNHCR on displacement issues is extremely interesting and very motivating. I am very lucky to be in "tailored" positions for my research field and field of interest, since I can pursue very in-depth (technical) discussions, brainstorming sessions with my supervisor.

Finally, it is very fulfilling to be in a peer of other urbanistas and also see the amplitude of research/activities/programmes and directions one can take within UN-Habitat, so if one knows which topic s/he wants to pursue, it can be even more fruitful!”


"My long-term goal is to design parametric and sustainable Architecture/ Urban Spaces through an inclusive, human centered lens.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) are the baseline of contributing to the social landscape, and 'giving back' through design. At GFCP one of my key deliverables is to assist with planning, conceptualizing, and visualizing a Normative Report that would explain how these SDGs are used. The SDG as a tool will not only propagate Urban development, but be used as a litmus test to ensure that these programs are successful in enriching their respective capacities socially, economically, politically, and culturally. Being a part of such a wonderful team, learning about the various projects taken on, and having the voice to tell a story through design thoroughly inspires me to stay driven and fosters a particular passion to work hard towards my long-term goals."


Azaan Rahemtulla

Graphic Design Intern with Global Future Cities Programme