Welcome to the Global Future Cities Knowledge Platform!

We’re proud to present the Global Future Cities Knowledge Platform to exchange knowledge on sustainable and inclusive urbanization. The platform is developed by UN-Habitat under the UK Global Future Cities Prosperity Fund Programme to encourage sharing lessons learned of urban projects in the 19 cities of the Programme and between other cities across the world which are facing similar urban issues. Set up in 2018 to initially support cities on their path to sustainable development, the COVID-19 pandemic has since impacted many cities and often disproportionately affected marginalized and vulnerable groups. In these times, it is even more important to support cities to plan and manage their cities to be ready for the future. Through this platform we aim to spur scaling up and replicating best practices in other contexts to achieve more impact on sustainable urban development. You can join our efforts by learning and sharing knowledge on the Global Future Cities Knowledge Platform. The Global Future Cities Programme is part of the UK Governments Prosperity Fund, giving technical assistance to 19 City Authorities in 10 countries globally to reduce poverty, achieve greater prosperity and gender equality, and support inclusive economic growth. The Programme is in cities in Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar and Vietnam. The interventions, which are currently being implemented by the private sector in the fields of urban planning, resilience and transport, will positively influence the shape of cities and investments, drive inclusive and sustainable local growth, and open up opportunities for inclusive international business. Cities are at the core of the Programme. The Programme presents unique opportunities to positively impact the way cities are planned and managed. The 19 cities in the Programme have much expertise to share but also to learn and gain from each other. The platform aims to give our City partners the tools, resources and structure to collaborate and share experiences with other cities facing similar challenges. It is essential to build upon the political commitment and network of partners we created since the inception of the Programme. The platform has been developed to link global expertise with local experiences. By linking it to UN-Habitat’s Urban Agenda Platform, we support cities to implement the SDGs and the New Urban Agenda in this Decade of Action. The structure of the platform provides users with different communication methods and learning streams, optimizing knowledge exchange on urban issues. Users can learn more about the Programme, discover the 19 Cities that are taking part, browse the Knowledge Hub to find resources, best practices, capacity building and explore the SDG Tool. The Community Forum allows users to engage in discussions with experts and professionals on key topics and themes, ask questions, participate in polls, share their experiences, and upload articles and case studies. What does the Platform offer to you? We have designed the platform to cater for the needs of the different partners. Governmental bodies can communicate directly with each other through the Community Forum, sharing experiences and best practices. Delivery Partners can keep stakeholders engaged and informed on the progress, reach out to communities and get support for public events, and share resources, best practices and relevant knowledge. Beneficiaries and communities can learn about the progress of the projects in your city and use the platform to tell their stories to a global audience. We encourage you to make use of the platform so that together we can make our cities inclusive and sustainable. Register now to take part! Global Future Cities Prosperity Fund Programme Team


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