Intelligent Mobility in Belo Horizonte (Brazil): towards more efficient, inclusive and sustainable transport systems

The Global Future Cities Programme (GFCP) is promoting smart city solutions in Belo Horizonte, by implementing an Intelligent Mobility Solution (IMS) that will allow the city to understand the needs and mobility patterns of the population to offer a better service, focused on accessibility, gender sensitivity and social inclusion.

The project “Intelligent Mobility in Expresso Amazonas” will foster sustainable mobility and be integrated into the current transport system of Belo Horizonte. The GFCP has been providing support on the identification of gaps and areas of opportunities, the elaboration of a business model, capacity building and stakeholder engagement.

The project is expected to improve the quality of service for public transport users, by increasing connectivity and reliability, reducing travel and waiting time, and guaranteeing the level of service to be more transparent, safe, accessible and inclusive (especially for low-income passengers, women, elderly and people with disabilities).

The project will also contribute to more efficient operations of the public transport sector, by better matching demand and supply, improving the integration and inter-modality of different types of mobility, and reducing transport externalities and pollution.

Moreover, the project will foster innovation and better governance by improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the transport system, enhancing the adoption of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) mechanisms and generating a database to validate the BH New Master Plan guidelines.

To know more, check the project’s timeline diagram:


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