A new urban data environment for Recife (Brazil): effective data management, citizen engagement and capacity building

The Global Future Cities Programme is promoting smart city solutions in Recife. The intervention in the city intends to strengthen evidence-based policies and governance approaches, in order to enhance the local urban data environment.

The “Data Ecosystem for Urban Governance” project tries to improve the existing public data framework, as well as data collection, systemization and socialization. As such, it will increase public transparency and accountability, and foster more efficient urban policies and planning systems. Additionally, the project is paving the way to monitor the fulfillment of the SDGs in Recife, by improving the data environment to ease the monitoring of relevant SDG indicators at the local level.

The project also contributes to data awareness and data literacy, enabling public participation, civic engagement and empowerment-by-data of citizens. Therefore, the project will implement ICT and data literacy capacity-building activities, promoting a culture turnaround by inserting data as an educational asset in schools and other pedagogical activities. Moreover, the project will build new paths for social initiatives through capacity building in emerging tech fields, enabling efficient custom-made ICT-based solutions for community problems.

To know more, check the project’s timeline diagram:


Ernst and Young (EY)


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Data-Driven Process and Management

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