Strategic Capacity Development Component

The Leadership Forums formed part of the Strategic Capacity Development Component being delivered by the UK Built Environment Advisory Group (UKBEAG) in close collaboration with UN-Habitat, in support of the UK FCDO Global Future Cities Programme. The aim of the Strategic Capacity Development Component was to complement the other elements of the programme, leveraging the work being undertaken to engage with some of the broader challenges and opportunities being faced by the cities, while helping to help ensure the programme’s long-term impact.

The Leadership Forums comprised two regional events which followed on from the Thematic Programme, the City-to-City Knowledge Exchange events and the Country Level programme that had been delivered throughout 2021 and 2022. The aim of the Leadership Forums series was to reflect on what has been achieved by the programme, consider the next steps, and the need for effective leadership as the projects move from the design stage into implementation.

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Leadership Forums
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In response to the sixth cross-cutting theme of leadership and change management which emerged during the course of the Thematic Programme, the UKBEAG concluded the current Strategic Capacity Development Component by hosting two regional Leadership Forums (one for the ASEAN region and another for non-ASEAN countries) for city stakeholders and future leaders.

The aim of the Leadership Forums was to encourage, engage and empower city stakeholders to reflect on lessons learnt and consider next steps and the need for effective leadership as the current programme draws to a close and the projects begin to move from design to implementation. The forums were used to encourage city stakeholders to build on the momentum that has been achieved while leveraging the work that has been undertaken to engage with some of the broader challenges faced by the cities.

The format of both events was designed in collaboration with the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and included inputs from the delivery partners, senior city stakeholders, UK FCDO and UN-Habitat. They featured video contributions from a range of contributors, together with reflections from Sir Paul Collier CBE, Director at the International Growth Centre, and the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Bristol City Council, Marvin Rees and Councillor Craig Cheney.

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The events were supported by a range of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who brought their knowledge and expertise to bear. The contributions from the Subject Matter Experts were also informed by the six topics which formed part of the Thematic Programme that had been delivered earlier in the year, namely:
1. Integrated & Inclusive Planning
2. Governance & Collaboration
3. Evidence-based Design & the Effective use of Data
4. Project Finance & Procurement
5. Implementation & Enforcement, Monitoring & Evaluation
6. Leadership & Change Management

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Subject Matter Experts