Capacity Development

The Global Future Cities Programme is providing Capacity building for the 19 city authorities. The aim is to guide the development of the 30 urban projects to enhance their transformative potential, increase their impact and sustain them in the long-term. UK Built Environment Advisory Group (UKBEAG) and a broad group of professionals, in close collaboration with UN-Habitat, provided a tailored and strategic capacity building component on programme level. The component complement the technical assistance the Delivery Partners are providing on the ground and the Sustainable Development Goals Project assessments that UN-Habitat facilitates.

Thematic webinars and country learning events together with city-to-city learning activities focused on the enabling environment, reducing barriers and strengthen the drivers for implementation in the areas of:

  1. Integrated and inclusive planning
  2. Evidence based design and the effective use of data
  3. Governance and collaboration
  4. Finance and procurement
  5. Implementation and enforcement

The Strategic Capacity Development Component was delivered in four series of events:

The Capacity Building component has the potential to have a broad impact beyond its direct application. The knowledge produced throughout the implementation of the programme represents a valuable resource to be used and shared by programme partners and the public.

Coordination: UN-Habitat

Execution:       UKBEAG

Academic advice to UKBEAG: Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

The Capacity Building component is a continuation of activities held in 2018-2019. UKBEAG hosted a week of Training & Dialogue in London in 2018, which brought together representatives from each of the cities to engage with a group of subject matter experts and share experiences with one another. Among the subject matter experts who contributed to the London event were: the British Standards Institution, Connected Places Catapult, Design Council, HM Treasury Infrastructure & Projects Authority, Met Office, Ordnance Survey, Transport for London and UCL Development Planning Unit.

Final Report

To learn more about the GFCP Capacity Development programme, please refer to the GFCP UKBEAG Strategic Capacity Development Final Report and/or Report's Executive Summary (in English, Indonesian, Portuguese, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese).